Monday, August 20, 2012

Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru

This is a budget hotel in the middle of Johor Bahru town. Where is exactly the hotel? At the front is Jalan Meldrum, at the left is Jalan Siu Chin, at the back is the main road Jalan Wong Ah Fook, and at the left is Jalan Station. Merlin Tower is in front of the hotel building, and Citi Square Shopping Mall is at the side. Other nearest landmark are JB Bazaar, Plaza Seni, Sri Raja Mariaman Temple, Public Bank Tower, the new train station, and the old train station.

The lobby area.

The surrounding
How to explain. Well.. its JB's own Chow Kit area. Many small 'lorong'. So many hand phone's shop, barber, and many more eating places. If you are OK with a 'Chow-Kit' environment then it will be OK for you. Me, I'm not very comfortable walking around the area.

From inside the lobby we can see a mamak restaurant.

Budget hotel
Its a small hotel. It has a modern concept. There are two very small lift. One can accommodate 9 people, the other one is 6 people. It is obviously small. Our room is the Family Room with one big bed and one small bed. Nothing at the wall except a flat TV with Astro channels. The furniture is simple Ikea-like furniture. The toilet is big with glass panel separating the bath area. It has no lock. Yes, read my lips, toilet with no lock. Hot water in toilet - yes. No peti ais. No kettle for hot water. There is a small standard vault in the cupboard. The door use a card. Slot in, slot out, and open the door. The air-conditioner is can be adjusted manually.

The family room, for three adults.

Other plus points
When you go out from the main entrance you can straight away see a mamak restaurant. If you are a teh-tarik-roti-canai fan then this is heaven. If you turn left at the corner there is a grocery shop. You can buy newspaper, sugar, soap, bottle drinks, sugar, comb, well, almost everything a mamak shop can offer. Top-up prepaid? No problem at all. There are so many hand-phone outlets around the area. If you circle the building, you can see two Seven Eleven outlets.

Polite staffs
The best thing about this hotel is the hospitality. The staffs are very polite and friendly.

The bathroom.

No parking lots
The hotel don't have its own parking lot. When I asked about the parking lot, the staff at the counter gave me a piece of paper with a list of parking lots that located nearby. You can choose to park at Merlin Tower (50 meter, one minute walk, RM2 per hour), Matro Parking (80 meter, 3 minutes walk, RM1.80 per hour), OK Parking (200 meter, 3 minutes walk, RM1.80 per hour), open parking opposite of Sentral Police Station (250 meter, 4-5 minutes walk, RM3 per entry or RM10 per 24 hours), CIQ JB Central (260 meter, 5-8 minutes walk, RM5 per entry per day).

When we first reached there, tired after a long journey from KL and confused also, we parked inside the Metro Parking. Overnight, its RM42.00.

The dining hall. Simple.

Online booking
I did the online booking via No need to pay deposit during the online confirmation. When I first checked-in, they only authorized my credit card. I paid only when I checked-out. When I go to hotel I always offer my Amex card as not many outlet accept American Express. They accept it in no time. Cool.

Our package
We booked two Family Room (3 adults x 2). Two nights, two rooms, six people. Breakfast included. Free Wi-Fi. Payment RM876 tax included.

After I made my payment, they gave me two vouchers, RM59 each, valid till 15th October 2012. The vouchers are for club room only, and at the JB hotel only.

Will I stay again
Maybe no.

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