Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tune Hotel Danga Bay

This one located near Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. We went there during Chinese New Year holiday, checked in on Saturday and checked out on Monday.

The twin sharing room is for RM144.16 (inclusive of RM8.16 service tax). You need to pay another RM72 if you need towel and toiletries, 24 hours aircond, and 24 hours Wi-Fi. The room has ceiling fan. So you can save RM72 if you don't want to use aircond, don't need the Wi-Fi, and bring your own towel and toiletries. I paid another RM15 for 'a late departure (up to 2PM). Malas nak kelam kabut check-out at 11AM (thats the normal chek-out time).

The lobby (top) is a red-Air-Asia-color with some Gong Xi Fa Chai decorations. The green creature at the counter there is a lego-turtle, a promotion to the Lego Land.

This is your toiletries if you pay for it. A towel, a small soap, and a shampoo come in a red bag. We don't know that this is what we get. If not, we will bring our own towel, and buy the soap and shampoo from the 7-Eleven at the hotel. Next time we know.

When you slot in the sweep card, the meter reading will show you how much if left for your aircond. Ours is a two-nights stay so we have exactly a 48 hours of aircond.

The toilet is simple, quite small, and there is no lock at the toilet's door. Same like Citrus Hotel JB. So be careful. And yes, they even do the advertisement in the toilet. They show you how many branches of Tune Hotel they have trough out the world.

I booked via online. I think my credit card was charged instantly. When I registered at the counter there the lady there told me 'its paid'. So fast they charged me. The different with Citrus Hotel JB is that they never charged me anything until I check-out.

Anyway the reason why the hotel is the chosen one is simply because we wanted to go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) and the advertisement told us that this hotel can arrange for a transport and tickets to the USS. Yes, its true. So in the bill we paid extra RM50 for returned-bus-trip to USS. The tickets to the USS can be purchased at a travel agency at the hotel.

So what's inside the room? A flat tv at the wall, no fridge, no kettle, no small desk, no table, no chair, and no almari either. There is no phone in the room. So in case you need something, you need to go down to the counter at the lobby to ask. There is no breakfast. So you have to find food for yourself.

The surrounding area is nice. Not a busy area. We like it. Its a single building hotel. They have ample free parking space around the building of the hotel. Its a 24-hours-security parking lot. The area is closed to public as the hotel has its own fences with a 'pak guard' so we feel very secure.

There are two commercial blocks beside the hotel. One has Sekinchan Ikan Bakar restaurant. The other shop lots within a walking distance are Maxis center, few Malay and Arab's restaurant. The hotel is located near the Danga Bay. I think its a fifteen minutes walk from the hotel. In the hotel building itself, there is a 7-Eleven outlet, and a travel agency company.

During check-out I passed the sweep card (the room's key) to the counter. The guy at the counter took it and said thank you sir, see you again. I said to him, that's it? He said, ya. Oh.. like that ahh. No receipt. And they don't even check the room. Never mind. Its fast and swift.

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